The issue of children being deprived of the life they want in other ways to actualize their dreams. I moved from place to place and my observation was that most children were either on the farm helping their parents or they would go to school in the morning and later return to give their uniform to other siblings to attend the afternoon session. Speaking to some, I had the idea to help them. The only way to help them massively is to establish the foundation to help actualize people’s dream. With the help of my trustees, I have been able to set vision developers foundation. A foundation to help solicit funds to help reach out to the society through provision, education and empowerment.

Vision Developers


Being able to reach out to a number of people in the society and making a bigger impact on the lives of the youth in the society. We should be able to empower the non- literates and less privileged, by providing them with what is needed to get them on track. Preparing our young people to enter again the normal stream of life, earning a sustainable income, feeling again their self-worth and meaningful life and change for the better both socially and morally.