In Vision developers we extend a helping to give back to society. At Vision Developers we extend helping hands to the needy through the love of God as a means to put smiles on people's faces and that is accomplished through unity.

We Value Team Work
We Value Charity

Gabriel Akuffo Amoateng

Eva Asabre

Mary Owusu Bonsu

Agyare Yaw

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1)Work safely and not put yourself and others at risk.

2) Respect others by being courteous and sensitive to others concern and needs.

3)Be on time and show up for work everyday.

4) Follow the foundation policies and procedures.

5)Share your ideas for improvement and help implement them.

6)Be willing to try new things.

7)Be willing to help others, eliminate it's not my job attitude.

8)Communicate issues, work together and don't compete.

9) Help others when necessary and ask for help when needed.

10) Support group/team decisions.

11) Help set and be willing to do what is necessary to reach the goals, contributing to the best of your ability.

12)Use facts to give feedback to avoid anger and confusion.

13)Be accountable for your actions; don't pass the buck.

14) Enjoy your work and celebrate your successes.

15)Be self-motivated and work with minimal supervision.